“Our challenge is to make old age not only acceptable but inviting.”

Laura Carstenson

Founding Director of the Stanford Center on Longevity


Whether its books, TEDx talks, or our interviews with industry experts we’re keen consumers of knowledge and information. It’s what inspires us and keeps us updated with the latest evidence. This is a selection of our favourites for you to discover the gift of longer lives and the opportunity that represents.



Mythbusting The Over 50s Market


Why Employing Older People Benefits Business

TEDx Talks

Retirement is redundant

Let’s end ageism

What baby boomers can learn from millennials at work — and vice versa

Expert Interviews

These short interviews with experts in ageing are a stimulus for considering business opportunities based on a new and more empowered conversation about ageing.

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“If ageism is rampant anywhere it’s in the corporate world.”
“By 2050, one in four people will be over 65 …”

Community engagement

“Over half our population are growing older in rural and regional areas …”
“Community members come up with things you’d never thought of … it’s so important to engage with them from the outset.”


“How can we make age friendly everyone’s business?”
“There’s a real opportunity to build places differently.”


The big picture – putting longevity into perspective …

A Long Bright Future

The 100-Year Life

The Longevity Economy

This Chair Rocks

Approaches to navigating longer life differently …

Second Wind

The Big Shift

Wisdom at Work

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