Life for people, organisations, communities and the planet can be enriched if we explore our preconceived ideas about how we age.


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Enhance your existing business strategies

Explore the potential of an ageing population for your business strategies by unpacking unconscious bias to ideate beyond blindspots and your own echo chamber of knowledge to enter new markets and build customer loyalty.

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Provoke an audience to think differently

The demographic structure of the world is shifting. The proportion of older people is increasing and it’s not forecast to change. Simultaneously, the gap between the reality of ageing and perceptions widens. Why?

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Analyse assumptions and create new conversations

By asking good questions, using a process of appreciative inquiry, participants gain empathy and insights to better understand older customers and improve their personalisation of the customer experience.

You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.

C.S. Lewis

Allianz Retire+

Mike Beder,

Managing Director, Qualitative Recruitment Australia

It was a real privilege to have Catherine speak at our event, she is truly one of those inspirational, positive people that one meets all too infrequently in life.

Nick Naumof,

Keynote Speaker & Behavioural Science Specialist

Congratulations on the award you received. Your talk was definitely great and highly meaningful. Personally, I very much enjoyed it in both content and delivery. Just as a note, I very rarely praise conference talks when it comes to content.

Monica Greenwood,

Research Director, Bastion Latitude

Thank you for a really lovely evening, an inspiring presentation and a spirited debate! It helped me greatly the very next day as I was in Canberra to present some findings around a very relevant topic. And in the longer term this made me re-evaluate how and why I should be including more senior age groups across all my research – and not be so ageist myself!

Sarah Palmer,

Head of Talent Management, Leo Burnett Australia

I invited Catherine to speak about the lack of age diversity in our industry at a recent Agency Circle meeting. Catherine brought her wealth of knowledge on our ageing population and led an important and engaging discussion on the need for the advertising industry to offer more training and more flexibility to mature age employees – just as we aim to do with the younger ones. Her in-depth experience in this field was insightful and motivating.

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