“The notion that education is for the young, employment is for people in middle age, and leisure is for the old is clearly obsolete, but we have yet to revise these structures in substantial ways, or invent new ones.”

Ashton Applewhite

Author, Speaker, Activist


These interactive discussions with leaders or teams are devised to

  • arouse curiosity,
  • analyse assumptions, and
  • create new conversations.

Participants are stimulated to rethink perceptions of ageing and retirement through the use of evidence, images and videos to encourage debate. All workshops are developed based on discussions with key stakeholders. Participants may be internal (e.g. management, functional area) or external (channel partners or customers).

ageing and retirement workshops
ageing workforce workshops

Few of us see the scope, the range, or the complexities of older lives…

Laura Carstenson

Founding Director of the Stanford Center on Longevity

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Beverley Miles,

Senior Learning Designer, Macquarie University

Catherine is the ace card to have on your team. Her professionalism, rigour, and creativity encourage all those around her to lift their game. It is both a gift and a treat to be a teammate of Catherine’s.

Alla Nock,

Senior Consumer Insights & Analytics Lead, Kimberly-Clark

Catherine presents in an inspiring and knowledgeable way and shows great passion in regards to ageing and the longevity economy. Our sales and marketing teams were inspired to really think about how they are speaking to the ageing population in a meaningful and relevant way.

Betina Szkudlarek,

Assoc. Prof. University of Sydney Business School, Consultant, United Nations Alliance of Civilizations

I had the pleasure of working with Catherine for over 7 years. In her role as a mentor with our Master of Management students she has been insightful, caring, and very generous to share her vast knowledge and consulting expertise. Numerous students and business projects benefited greatly from her strategic advice! We have been very lucky to have her on board!

Sarah Palmer,

Head of Talent Management, Leo Burnett Australia

I invited Catherine to speak about the lack of age diversity in our industry at a recent Agency Circle meeting. Catherine brought her wealth of knowledge on our ageing population and led an important and engaging discussion on the need for the advertising industry to offer more training and more flexibility to mature age employees – just as we aim to do with the younger ones. Her in-depth experience in this field was insightful and motivating.

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