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seeking to communicate more effectively with the 6.5 million Australians over 50 years old with over $4.5 trillion of Australia’s wealth?


striving to create products that truly tackle the complexity and diversity of the over 50s market to more effectively build customer loyalty?


keen to reach new markets and explore business strategies that incorporate the reality of an ageing population?

Then speak with me about how we end stereotypes and unconscious bias to uncover opportunities for innovation.



Using the Knowledge Continuum©, explore the impact of stereotypes and unconscious bias on your communication campaigns and business strategies designed for older customers or employees.



Navigate the path from awareness of unconscious bias, stereotypes and ageism to gain empathy and improve insights to increase success in new markets and build customer loyalty.



Discover the impact of employee attitudes and beliefs towards older people and their subsequent effect on business plans and strategies. Engage in a program to co-design change for greater success in new markets, increased customer loyalty and enhanced innovation.

The longer I live, the more beautiful life becomes.

Frank Lloyd Wright

Over 50's Customer Insights Tool
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Is your business seeking growth and increased customer loyalty?

Download this simple to use tool to reveal unconscious bias and stereotypes to then create more relevant products and communication strategies for the over 50s.


Change starts here

If you’re …

  • Seeking to encourage a new narrative about age and ageing and explore its impact on business strategies across your organisation;
  • Keen to create products and better personalise communications for the diverse over 50s market?
  • Searching for a speaker to inspire an audience to deliberate, discuss and debate a future beyond age stereotypes.

Then, speak with me about my consulting, workshop and speaking services and availability.

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We don’t grow old, we grow riper.

Pablo Picasso

ageing workforce consulting

Marc Miller,

Chief Strategy Officer, Medibank

Catherine and her team have unparalleled knowledge and insight into the seniors market segment and are great to work with. They are completely focused on this subject matter which is generally poorly understood and overlooked. Given the growth in this population in years to come, the expertise and focus of Catherine and her team will only grow in importance.

Alla Nock,

Senior Consumer Insights & Analytics Lead, Kimberly-Clark

Catherine presents in an inspiring and knowledgeable way and shows great passion in regards to ageing and the longevity economy. Our sales and marketing teams were inspired to really think about how they are speaking to the ageing population in a meaningful and relevant way.

Shelley Cable,

ASA, PwC’s Indigenous Consulting

Catherine was a very strong addition to a panel event held at PM&C on the Generational Divide in the workplace. She brought thought leadership on the role, strengths and little-known challenges of Baby Boomers in today’s workplaces. She added truly unique perspectives to the discussion in a professional and engaging way.

Betina Szkudlarek,

Assoc. Prof. University of Sydney Business School, Consultant, United Nations Alliance of Civilizations

I had the pleasure of working with Catherine for over 7 years. In her role as a mentor with our Master of Management students she has been insightful, caring, and very generous to share her vast knowledge and consulting expertise. Numerous students and business projects benefited greatly from her strategic advice! We have been very lucky to have her on board!

resources to confront your attitudes and beliefs about ageing

Curious to learn more and be inspired?

Here’s a range of infographics, TEDx talks, books, and expert interviews to whet your appetite, fuel your curiosity, and confront your attitudes and beliefs about ageing.

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