Not having the answers is the pathway to curiosity, knowledge and change.


I believe individuals and organisations have the power to shift the current narrative of ageing for the better. I’m also an optimist. This belief and optimism about ageing is channeled into my work as a thought leader, age diversity consultant, and speaker. I focus on designing age diversity growth programs for organisations and NPO’s. And, I’m unafraid to challenge the status quo. This fearlessness is founded in a belief that lives are enriched if we explore our preconceived ideas about how we age.

Longer lives impact us all. At any age. 

We have the chance to reimagine the educate-work-retire paradigm. I’m curious and seek to discover the strengths of people at different life stages. Once revealed, I enjoy co-designing ideas for new ways of working together.

As an experienced researcher and business executive, I have the rare talent of being able to practically use and apply academic knowledge into a commercial environment.

Still Curious?

My happy place is in the country, surrounded by trees and rolling hills. I enjoy swimming in either ocean pools or diving beneath pounding waves at the beach in summer and winter. And, I practice yoga and meditate daily. During COVID I discovered online personal trainers and now enjoy these routines too. Early morning walks in the countryside with my labradoodle are always a delight. Cooking is something I also enjoy – savoury not sweet as a preference. Although jam making has become a recent discovery. As an information junky I love reading and subscribe to a variety of news feeds.

My own life has been far from the educate-work-retire stereotype. Upon finishing Year 12 it was 3 years before I did my first degree, and I completed my PhD in my 40s. I continue to work and am committed to creating a life filled with purpose and meaning for many decades yet.

I’m inspired by younger and older people and become irritated when generalisations are made and labels used to categorise an entire cohort of individuals based solely on a birth year.

I believe…


Age is just a number


Leadership is pivotal to creating a new narrative about ageing


Informed, inclusive, co-created conversations underpin successful change strategies

Organisations & individuals all have the potential to be far greater than we imagine.

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